Anna Mallmann


 Anna Mallmann is an Artist and an Architect. She grew up in the southern part of Brazil, in the city of Porto Alegre. It’s cosmopolitan rhythm and the cold and bucolic winters inspired her to create. Images and forms always fascinated her and what was just a passion became very much her life.

She began painting at the age of 10, inspired by the paintings of her mother and her aunts. Later she engaged into Art School followed by Architecture School and a Design Specialization in Europe.

During her many years of studying art and working with creation she explored various painting techniques , which made her transition from Abstract to Neo-cubism very easy.

Ranging from Colorful Organic Forms in daily portraits of life to Abstract Landscapes, her work has traveled the world, from Brazil to Japan, from Europe to Israel. In 2000 she moved to the United States and lives in Florida, where her work continues to blossom by what inspires her the most, life itself.

Fone: 305. 935. 8793


Imagens de alguns trabalhos da Artista

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