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Brazilian born photographer and visual artist Jade has been traveling the world since she left her native country to photograph people's lives, places and cultures. Her photography background started to take form in Switzerland where she studied Fine Arts and later graduated in Architecture and Interior Design.

Jade’s passion for photography grew throughout her life and travels, where her interest for people and their stories began to take her in the direction of street photography and a photojournalistic approach to her images. Such images tell a story of their own. Without the need for words, the many times enigmatic themes result in an interestingly balanced mix between the reality and the subliminal.


Jade’s photography is as complex as the artist herself. With passion and conviction her lenses will take you on a journey of contrasting images. Jade works within a wide opposing spectrum, in which within one will find from sober black and white photojournalistic photos, colorful and abstract artistic macro images, to incredible portraits and studio work.
With sensitivity being her trademark, Jade has also photographed other artists using her Miksang approach to reveal a person in their own universe, in which the focus is on one's world and environment and not on the subject himself. Among the photographed with this approach is Mick Jagger, Romero Britto, Jon Bon Jovi, Wayne Shorter, Milton Nascimento and Indi race car driver Helio Castroneves and others.


In late 2004 Jade began falling in love with the romantic images captured through wedding photography and expanded her art starting to work with other experienced photographers to find out how she could implement her Miksang approach to wedding ceremonies. By the end of the following year, Jade came up with her own new artistic approach to photographing the bride and ceremony with her Macro Lens, thus revealing the intimate and romantic moments in a poetic and innovative way. The images became perpetuated in stunning coffee table books and earned the artist a new clientele.

Fine Art

While enjoying the romance of the images captured while commissioned for weddings, Jade continued to work with street photography and went back to exhibiting her art in galleries. This year alone the artist worked with several solo exhibitions and published her work in the European Book "100 Contemporary Artists of The World" through the Museum of The Americas. In one of her best street photography projects yet, Jade created "Compassion", a sober series of images that portray the life of the homeless people in many different parts of the world. With the focus on raising awareness to improve the quality of life for the people in need, "Compassion" became a traveling show that has brought a lot of positive feedback and satisfaction for the artist.

Jade is currently working out of Ft. Lauderdale where she lives with her husband and five children dividing her time between family and work in N. York, Paris, Los Angeles, São Paulo.


Endereço: 16507 Diamonds Head DriveWeston, FL 33331
Toll Free: 1 (954) 881-2112

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