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Brazz Dance Theater first started as a collaborative project in 1998 between dance partners Augusto Soledade and Rachelle Zambito. Rochester, NY was the first home for Brazz Dance Theater. In 2000, Brazz Dance Theater relocated to Northampton, Massachusetts, where it took the next step toward formalizing its structure and mission and incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 2001. The 501(c)(3) status with the IRS was granted in 2002.

Since its relocation to Miami in 2004, Brazz Dance Theater has enjoyed an unprecedented growth that has placed the company among the leading contemporary dance companies in the community. As a contemporary dance company, Brazz Dance Theater’s role is to seek innovative projects that create fresh content and outlook on global life, becoming a vessel for relevant contemporary dance repertory. We aim to function as a kind of ‘Griot’, story-teller, of choreographic ideas and stories. A ‘Griot’ that brings ancient knowledge to the present revering the past, and aspiring a future that is filled with rich cultural and artistic context.

Brazz Dance Theater’s dancers are professional artists with a wide and well-rounded training background; their training ranges from classical and contemporary ballet to modern and contemporary dance as well as African diasporic dances.
Our dancers come from various backgrounds including Caribbean, Brazilian, and North America. Artistic Director Augusto Soledade feels that the diverse ethnic make up of the company is an essential element in the definition and expansion of his claimed Afro-Fusion style, and will further enhance the notion that his works move from culturally rooted to universally scoped.


Endereço: P.O.Box 655130, Miami, FL 33265
Fone: (786) 338-5488



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