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Born in Saquarema, a small beach town 90 miles north of Rio de Janeiro, Débora grew up believing she was going to be a scientist. Although she loved dancing and singing, she became a pharmacist by profession. In 1993 she moved to the United States and become a licensed NY State pharmacist.

In 1997, inspired by a Brazilian music performance at the club “Cafe Wha?” Débora started taking private singing lessons with the Brazilian MPB vocalist Barbara Mendes and with the rock singer Robyn Dawn.

Within a few short years, Débora was performing as a solo artist as well as with many Brazilian & Latin bands, performing Latin jazz with Oriente Lopez band, Bossa Nova with Mark Morganelli & The Jazz Forum All-Stars band, Brazilian jazz with Billy Newman’s Brooklyn Brazil Bop Band, to name but a few. Brazilian Breeze, a band that Débora started with her husband, John Watts, also received a lot of attention by performing throughout the NYC metro area, including numerous programs on behalf of community arts and cultural organizations

In 2004 Débora was introduced to the Armenian jazz vocalist Datevik Hovanesian and started taking private lesson in jazz improvisation. Their work together lead to the recording of Débora’s first album. The CD, simply called “Débora,” features Jazz legend, Benny Golson, and many other world class artists.

Débora’s eclectic CD, arranged and produced by John Allen Watts, includes many well-known Brazilian classics and was mixed and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer, David Darlington of Bass Hit Recording. The album has been accepted by several radio stations domestic and worldwide .

Débora, is a singer at heart with an entertainer’s mind. Having taken several workshops at the Stella Adler Acting Studio, she continues to improve her skills by studying theatre improvisation at the P.I.T. in New York City. Her vocal coach from the past 2 years has been Clint Carter, a musical theatre actor specializing in the Linklater vocal method.

Currently Débora is working on her 2nd CD album.


E-mail: debora@deborawatts.com

Site: www.deborawatts.com


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