Lineu Zadereski


Born in Curitiba, Brazil, Lineu discovered his passion for drawing at the age of 10. In the 90’s his mother held a job at a local Museum (Solar do Barao, Curitiba-Brazil), in one of his visits to see her Lineu managed to escape and ended up in this beautiful artist’s loft were lithography became on of my first great art experience fallowed by oil painting, and more new techniques were acquainted into my artistic awakening. With the desire to discover a better world Zadereski packed his bags along with his inspirations and arrived in Lowell, Ma at the age of 19. Despite all the challenges of an immigrant he continued to follow his dreams. Lineu enrolled himself at MCC (Lowell, MA) and after 3 years I received his associates degree in Liberal Arts in Graphic Design. After expressing himself in different styles and techniques he found acrylics to be the one that currently represents him best. In his art, the figures are always smiling, they are happy and bold. Zadereski strongly uses large geometric shapes defined by thick smooth black lines. He also include abstract eyes, always with one winking. Dotted areas show where there is skin, and feet or shoes show the way the figure is moving. The last part he paint is always the belt, tying everything together with his signature. He learned to paint mostly on his own. Works are done with brushes and spray on canvas, hoping for a three-dimensional cubist space.

Zadereski aspires to embody his remarkably graphic personality in his work. The geometry and balance of his style are characterized by stability, order and proportion. His art conveys confidence and optimism.

Recently on December 10th, 2011, Lineu Zadereski was awarded by TALENTO BRASIL for its relevant contribution to the Arts, Culture and Brazilian Community in United States. Also on June 11 the Culture Flows did feature a public art installation of over 24 murals created by over 500 Lowell students. Each mural was inspired by the various ethnic backgrounds and heritages that comprise Lowell. The murals were depict the Riverfest fish logo designed by, Lineu Zadereski, who also presented his temporary sculpture for the festival. Zadereski was invited by the Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL) to lead the massive Riverfest art project, which included creating the logo and graphic design for all of the marketing materials. Lineu was honored by the experience of being a Brazilian artist representing the nations of these multicultural and artistic city.

Lineu constantly emotes his opinion on the importancy of the new generation’s access to education to create a better picture for life. Today Lineu shares his talents as a art instructor to teens at the UTEC, United Teen Equality Center in Lowell and also supports the multicultural communities of North America.







Matéria sobre o artista no Brazilian Times – Clique aqui



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